Epworth Manor honors volunteers

Nearly 13,000 hours of volunteer service for Epworth Manor, and more importantly, the volunteers who provided those hours, were recognized as part of the community’s annual Volunteer Appreciation Celebration.
The event, hosted by the residents, associates and administrators of Epworth Manor, was held on Saturday, March 31, at 9 a.m., and honored the 178 individuals who gave unselfishly of their time to serve as volunteers in the past year.
The theme of this year’s Volunteer Appreciation Celebration was “Epworth Manor Volunteers, The Key to the Hearts of Happy Residents.” Entertainment at the celebration was provided by “Men of Grace” from the Grace Baptist Church of Tyrone.
“We are thankful that our volunteers provide a variety of services such as transporting residents to therapy sessions and activity programs, assisting the beautician and barber and assisting residents during meal times, just to name a few,” said Epworth Manor Volunteer Coordinator Carol Ayers.
Ayers presented gifts of appreciation to each volunteer at the celebration.
During the past year, these volunteers provided 12,998 hours of service to the residents of Epworth Manor. Examples of Epworth Manor’s volunteer services include working in the community’s greenhouse, mending residents’ clothing, conducting Bible student groups and creating floral arrangements, as well as personal activities such as accompanying residents on shopping trips and outings or just spending social time with them.
Some student volunteers are a part of the Health Tech program, Tyrone Middle School student council, and the honor society of Tyrone High School.
“These special people bring love, laughter, reassuring hugs and companionship to our residents, and we are grateful for the difference they make in the lives of those who call Epworth Manor home,” said Robin Stern, executive director. “In our community, we recognize the importance of our volunteers and their commitment to bring happiness to our residents. This celebration is just a small expression of our appreciation to our volunteers for the countless hours of service they provide.”
Anyone who is interested in making a difference in the life of someone at Epworth Manor by serving as a volunteer should contact Carol Ayers at 684-0320.