Irish Flags sponsors

The Tyrone Irish Heritage Week committee would like to thank all those that sponsored the Irish Flags that are displayed throughout downtown Tyrone.
Those who sponsored flags listed with those honored in parenthesis. Ed and Ferral Mulhollan (Beautiful Green Ireland); Tammy Datris (JJAN Financial); Kenneth W. Trimble (Ken Trimble family); Bob and Joan Smith (Morris Levine); Theresa Fink (my grandparents and Uncle Bill); Tyrone Church of The Good Shephard (Our Savior Jesus Christ); Berringer Family (Patrick Warren) and Rotary Club of Tyrone (Sister Club Rotary Club of Omagh, North Ireland).
The Tyrone Masonic Lodge sponsored a flag in honor of Tyrone\’s Heritage and in memory of Tyrone Masonic Lodge No. 494.
Other sponsored flags in memory of others. The sponsors are listed with those remembered in parenthesis.
The Clan of O\’Maolchalann (Alice Mulhollan); William E. McMinn (Alma D. McMinn); Donna Crowell (Andy Moore); Gary, Lori, Alison and Sean McGovern (Bill and Betty McGovern); Deborah McNally Bartos (Bill and Meta McNally); Cookie and Maureen Drain (Bridget Mary Gannon Drain); Norma B. Getz (Dick Getz); Mr. and Mrs. Tony Androski (Donna Marthouse); Mary Jane Bickle (Eddie Bickle); Lori and Dallas Eckert (Frank and Susie Longenecker); John Dearing (Helen B. Dearing); Elizabeth Rodgers (Husband and Parents of Elizabeth Rodgers); Helen Grindall (Irving and Helen (McGuigan) Close); Donna Crowell (Jane Kearney Sellers); Harry, Ann, Chip and Rhonda Dillon (John and Dena Reader); Dick Barr (John Mark Biggins); Annette Bradigan (Joseph and Regina Schmid); Jane Fink (L. Allen Fink); Cowfers Custom Design (Larry Melvin McCloskey, Sr.); Aileen Duncan (Leo and Eva MacCourtney); Alice Wesley (Mark Westley Love, Mom); Joyce Hewel (Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hewel); Jane Fink (Mr. and Mrs. Harvey C. Wolf); Bill and Shirley Fink (Our Parents); Rhonda Whalen (Pat and Woody Whalen); Nancy Kilmartin (Patrick Edward Kilmartin); Tyrone Area Historical Society (Paul and Suzanne Sickler Ohl); Chip and Rhonda Dillon (Polly and Ray Faust); Harry and Ann Dillon (Polly and Ray Faust); Janet McNelis (Richard J. McNelis Sr.); Larry and Linda Strong (Scott Strong); Ann and Rich Searer (The Sullivan Family); Pete and Patty Dutrow (Thomas and Agnes Sullivan and Francis Sullivan); Christy Miller, David and Kari Black (Tony Black); Thomas G. Welsh (Virginia and Walter Welsh) and Mary Welsh (William E. Walsh).
Other sponsors include: Albemarle Corporation; American Eagle Paper Mills; An X Tyrone Resident; Anders Garage; Cary Simpson; Cary Simpson; Connie and Tony Geraci; Feller Memorial Home; Friday\’s Headlines; Honorable Samuel E. Hayes, Jr.; Jeano\’s Pizzeria; Jennifer Bryan; Judy Duey; Mae Construction, Inc.; Martin Oil Company; Michael J. McNelis; Neil and Nancy Smith; Patrice\’s Boutique; Patricia Stoner; Richard H. Searer Funeral Home; The Cokley Clan; The Kilmer Family; Tyrone Area Chamber of Commerce; Tyrone Borough; Tyrone Community Partnership; Tyrone Merchants Association; Tyrone Termite Cootiette Club No. 585 and Womens Club of Tyrone.