Tyrone-Snyder Public Library announces date for sixth annual library fundraising concert

The Tyrone-Snyder Township Public Library has announced the long awaited date for the sixth annual Library Fundraising Spring Concert.
“This year’s concert will be held on Saturday evening, April 21 at the Tyrone Area High School auditorium,” announced concert chairman Chuck Banas.
These fundraising concerts have been receiving rave notices as each year they have been able to draw in hundreds of people who enjoy a great evening of entertainment provided by nationally-known artists. Last year, the library brought us Charlie Thomas and The Drifters in a show that was attended by almost 1,000 people.
“The success of the shows has been very instrumental in maintaining our public library here in Tyrone,” said Banas. “Without the money generated from these annual concerts, the library would be very hard pressed to meet the monthly mortgage payments on the new facility located in downtown Tyrone.”
These annual concerts have been very entertaining, have really been well received and bring people from multiple counties into Tyrone.
“We have really been able to grow this into a town-wide event,” continued Banas. “We have people traveling in from all around the area as well as Eastern and Western Pennsylvania and this results in additional revenue being spent here in Tyrone. Many of these people come in and shop at our local shops or have dinner. I have been told by our local restaurant owners that the reservations for early hours of the day of the concert have increased each year. This makes it great for not just the library, but for the entire Tyrone area community,” pointed out Banas.
The five concerts held to date have generated over $46,000 for the library, with all of the money going towards paying off the mortgage on the new library.
“With the cuts that libraries have suffered in funding, the library would be in a dire situation if the concerts were not successful,” said Banas.
“We will be starting to announce the attractions for this year’s show over the next few weeks,” smiled Banas. “I am very happy with the line-up that we have and we are going to be making a great many people happy for sure,” Banas continued. “I will give you a hint, our headliners this year are coming in from Los Angeles, California.
“I know that our corporate ticket sale drive will be starting within the next two weeks. Our business partners have been great in supporting our concert series by purchasing their ads along with the block of tickets. Without their support, we would not be nearly as successful,” said Banas.
“We will also be announcing ticket locations and the ticket available purchase dates in the very near future. You may want to keep this in mind for a special Valentine’s Day gift,” said Banas.
Additional information will be provided as released. However, you may want to mark the date and time now for this year’s annual Tyrone-Snyder Township Public Library fundraising concert, Saturday night, April 21, with doors opening at 6:15 p.m. and the show to start promptly at 7 p.m.