Troop 300 focuses on religious awards

Religious awards are indeed one of the crown jewels in a young Scouts career. “A Scout is Reverent” is one tenant that the young man is implored to live by. When Scouts gather for a meal or for nighttime prayer, the chaplain announces “A Scout is Reverent”, the heads are bowed, and their caps removed, and prayer begins. Scouting is open to boys of all religious affiliations; belief in a Supreme Being is the only requirement. Most scout troops are chartered by religious denomination. The support that these churches give the program is repaid back to that church many times over. The scouts support the many activities of that church, the scouts do service projects, as well as countless Eagle Scout projects. By completing their religious awards, scouts grow to a deeper love and understanding of their church’s precepts.
Currently, boy scouts from Troop 300 who are working on their “God and Country Award”, which is awarded by the United Methodist Church, are Dustin Stroup, Sean Woleslagle, Matt Briggs, Errin Bruner and Ryan Fink. Mrs. Theresa Harper from Troop 300 serves as the facilitator for the God and Country Award.
Boy Scouts from Troop 300 who are currently working on their Ad Altari Dei, which is awarded by the Roman Catholic Church, are Ryan Isenberg, Markus Wagner and Alex Clark. Mrs. Denise Kreckel serves as the facilitator for the Ad Altari Dei and Pius XII religious awards. Mrs. Rebecca Clark and Mrs. Cyndy Isenberg help her with the instruction as well as the service projects. Since Mrs. Kreckel began working diligently with the Boy Scouts, 10 Scouts will have completed 13 religious awards. Until Mrs. Kreckel began working with the Religious awards, Troop 300 had but one recipient in 8 years.
The success of the surge in religious awards for Tyrone’s Scout troops can be attributed to Father Joseph Orr, pastor of St. Matthew Church. Before Father Orr arrived here, only one Ad Altari Dei award was given from 1990-2000. Father Orr, who is the Scout Chaplain for the Diocese of Altoona Johnstown, has encouraged every Scout regardless of their religious denomination to work to achieve their church’s award.
Religious denominations also give out awards for the adult scouters as well as the youth. The Catholic committee on scouting has selected Mrs. Denise Kreckel for the Bronze Pelican, the diocesan award for outstanding support of the religious awards program. At last year’s Catholic Scout Retreat, Tim Kirkpatrick from T.A.C.O. (Tyrone Area Community Organization) presented their club’s Humanitarian Award to Father Joseph Orr.