TREF names second marking period Renaissance Stars

The Tyrone Area School District Renaissance Education Foundation once again announced the Renaissance Stars.
Tyrone Middle and High School teachers nominated 16 students for recognition due to their outstanding academic achievement, positive attitude, or overall improvement. Those students recognized for the second marking period of the 2006-07 school year include Kathleen Beck, Nicolette Diehl, Brandon Fink, Nicole Gripp, Josh Loose, Brittany Skipper, Elizabeth Ditty, Brandon Romano, Brice Barrett, Natasha Smith, Heather Brantner, Kris Decker, Jake Emerick, Greg Tyler, Casie Glashauser and Jason Reese.
Fifth grader Kathleen Beck was chosen by her teacher Mrs. Toto.
“Kathleen demonstrates leadership skills. She respects fellow classmates and is always willing to help others. Her academic work exceeds expectations,” said Mrs. Toto.
Mrs. Vargo chose Nicolette Diehl as a Renaissance Star. According to Vargo, Nicolette is a conscientious student who works on accuracy, handles peer pressure well and is respected by her classmates.
Brandon Fink, a sixth grader, was chosen by Mrs. Baird who said “Brandon always has his assignments completed on time. He works very hard to complete all of his work correctly and on time.”
Nicole Gripp was chosen by sixth grade teachers Mr. Stoner, Mrs. Conrad and Mrs. Chamberlain. They all agreed Nicole is a consistent hard worker who also displays a positive attitude. She is a good leader by her example of one who works hard to do her best.
Seventh grader Josh Loose was chosen by Ms. Kies, Miss Johnston and Mrs. Johnson. Josh is a very conscientious student who works hard in the classroom, according to his teachers. They said he is good at following directions and his work is very detailed. He is also very respectful to his peers and teachers.
Brittany Skipper was chosen as a star by Miss Johnston and Mr. Loth who said Brittany is a very conscientious student. Both teachers agreed that her hard work and determination to succeed make her a good role model for others to emulate, not to mention she is a pleasure to have in the classroom.
Eighth grader Brandon Romano was selected by the eighth grade teaching team. The team feels Brandon demonstrates extreme dedication to his academic studies saying he consistently puts forth his best effort, and is very conscientious about completing work correctly and on time.
Elizabeth Ditty was also selected by the eighth grade teaching team because she is helpful to other students, has a fabulous attitude, is polite and conscientious.
Ninth grader Natasha Smith has been selected as a star by her teacher Mrs. Myers.
“Natasha is hard working; she shows an enormous amount of enthusiasm. She does not complain or grumble about anything. I am very lucky to have such a great student and awesome young lady in my class,” said Myers.
A second ninth grader, Brice Barrett has been chosen by Mrs. Sechler.
Sechler described Barrett saying, “Brice is an excellent student. He had the highest grade out of both Spanish I classes. He is extremely attentive, respectful and disciplined in his studies.”
Ms. Dobrowolsky, English teacher, chose sophomore Heather Brantner as a Renaissance Star.
“Heather worked hard to catch up on work she missed due to falling behind in class. She has completed her personal book project reading, journal, essay and project before the due dates and is currently working on her second round of revisions,” Dobrowolsky said.
Mrs. Lumadue chose sophomore Kris Decker for the honor of Renaissance Star. She said Kris has gotten the second highest grade on the last two tests.
“He has improved by leaps and bounds,” according to Lumadue.
Jake Emerick was selected by his eleventh grade English teacher, Mr. Everhart. Mr. Everhart states “Jake’s poetry has distinguished him among his classmates. His academic motivation and performance mark a pronounced turn around. His poetry will be published in next year’s literary magazine, Stardust.”
Mrs. Gardner, accounting teacher, chose eleventh grader Greg Tyler for star recognition.
Gardner said, “Greg is a very responsible student consistently having his work completed and done correctly. I can count on him to work independently. Greg is excellent at problem solving. He recently earned first place in Accounting II regional competition (FBLA) and will be competing at states in April/May.”
Mr. Dan Plummer, carpentry teacher reports that Jason Reese, a senior, deserves recognition as a Renaissance Star. Plummer said Jason is respectful, conscientious and hard working.
He also said “In many of our activities he works outside of the school day.”
Senior Casie Glashauser was selected as a star by English teacher, Mrs. Slippy.
Mrs. Slippy described Casie as sincere, polite, articulate, honest and a pleasure to have in class, adding “se is a hard worker and does her best at everything, no matter the task. Casie shines as a Renaissance Star.”