Shaw sentenced to life without parole

Nathan Shaw said he’d “pray for” the members of 6-year-old Jared Klein’s family while he’s in prison for the boy’s murder. Blair County Judge Daniel Milliron later informed Shaw he’d have a lifetime to do it.
“I’d like to apologize to Christina (Muoio) and her family,” an icy and unconvincing Shaw said as he testified during his sentencing hearing Friday at Blair County Court in Hollidaysburg. “I know I caused you guys so much pain.”
The convicted rapist and child killer was officially sentenced to life without parole for the first-degree stabbing death of Klein. He also received consecutive sentences totaling close to 50 additional years in state lock up for other charges related to the night-after-Christmas attacks against both Klein and his mother at their Tyrone apartment in 2005.
“I did love Jared. I never meant to hurt him,” Shaw said, delivering statements reminiscent of his sometimes shocking testimony during the murder trial. “I know you want me to die, to suffer, and I want you to know you’ll be in my prayers.
“I can only hope someday you’ll forgive me.”
Judge Milliron pulled no punches when addressing Shaw following victim impact statements delivered by Jared’s two grandmothers and two aunts.
The boy’s mother, Muoio, was present for the hearing, but did not deliver a statement.
“During the entire course of this trial, you’ve been treated with respect,” Milliron said to Shaw prior to conveying his sentence. “But I must tell you I find you disgusting. Your actions that night fall far below what is expected in a civilized world.
“Thinking back to your testimony during your trial, as you gave your account of what happened that night, it’s my judgment that none of it was true.”
Milliron went on to tell Shaw that he’d prefer to give him the maximum sentence for each of his crimes, but that bringing the matter to a close would be much more important.
“The Muoio family deserves closure,” the judge said, “and I want them to have that.
“Of course, your first-degree murder conviction carries with it an automatic sentence of life in prison without parole. As for the other charges, I would prefer to give you the maximum sentences allowed by law, but I do not want to leave any room for an appeal of these sentences in the appellate courts. Therefore, I intend to sentence you at the height of the aggravated range.”
On top of the life sentence for Jared’s murder, Shaw was given in total an additional 24 years, 10 months to 49 years, eight months for numerous counts of aggravated assault, rape, theft and indecent assault. All of Shaw’s sentences will run consecutive.
Milliron explained that the stiff sentences were based on several criteria, stating that Shaw remains a “danger to society.” The judge said he considered the “mental cruelty” administered to both Klein and Muoio during the assaults and the fact that Shaw was “under supervision” of probation at the time when rendering his decision.
He also noted that Shaw is a “poor candidate for rehabilitation,” pointing out the young boy Shaw killed “trusted and cared for” the defendant as his father.
“As of today, we’ve had 424 days to think about what you did that night,” said Peggy Miller, Jared’s maternal grandmother. She was the first to deliver a victim impact statement and she did so a mere three feet away from the killer. Her prepared statements were printed on the back of a full color photograph of Klein, which Shaw was forced to look at as Miller gave her statement. “You’re a cold-hearted baby killer and a rapist. You’re nothing but a monster.
“Let’s not forget the one and only witness to what you did — Angel, Jared’s sister. She saw everything. She saw you beat her mother and her big brother. She saw you smash her mother’s face in beyond recognition.
She remembers you telling her to ‘stop whining’ as you beat her mom and her brother and she also remembers Jared telling her not to cry, and that he loved her.
“She remembers when you went to the kitchen to get the knife and she remembers you picking Jared up by his hair and stabbing him in the neck.
She relives these nightmares every day of her life.
“When you are rotting in hell, it will be the happiest day of my life.”
Following the proceedings, Blair County public defender Theodore Krol said, as expected, that Shaw has already requested an appeal of his first-degree murder conviction. The defense has 30 days from sentencing to file for an appeal.
Meanwhile, Blair County District Attorney Richard Consiglio said he hopes for the sake of the victims’ family that does not happen.
“There’s no merit for an appeal,” Consiglio said. “This case, as with every other capital murder case I’ve been witness to in Blair County, was totally clean.”
When asked if he thought the sentences were harsh enough, Consiglio replied, “This guy deserved to die. He’s disgusting. He’s evil. But, the jury couldn’t come together on the death penalty.
“In light of that, the judge’s decisions were very appropriate.”