Antis supervisors look at land development ordinance

Along with routine business, a big chuck of last Thursday’s Antis Township meeting was spent discussing the current Subdivision and Land Ordinance.
The Board of Supervisors began looking into a complaint received from a resident who claimed a neighbor added a paved area to an existing parking lot that was approximately 20,000 square feet.
Township manager Jeff Ziegler said he had been to the site and it was a large unpaved area but he didn’t think it was quite 20,000 square feet.
Anything over 5,000 square feet is considered land development according to the Antis Township ordinance. Even though nothing was technically built on the site, township engineer Chris Dutrow said it does fall under the Subdivision and Land Development ordinance under earth moving.
According to Dutrow, sometimes there is a separate earth moving or erosion and sediment control ordinance but in the case of Antis Township, that all falls under land development.
Township solicitor Patrick Fanelli asked for a definition of land development and Dutrow explained it as surface changes, earth moving, building or covering an area over 5,000 square feet. He said that number can be changed. For example, in order to avoid catching the smaller developers, it could be moved to 10,000 square feet.
Supervisor Robert Smith said the complaint came in because the parking lot addition could produce a runoff problem for neighboring properties.
“So, we should have to make sure this is done properly,” said Smith.
Supervisor Charles Taylor agreed saying, “I think we are obligated to look at this based on our ordinance.”
“Although,” he added, “the board may want to check the ordinance and discuss amending it or creating a separate ordinance.”
In other business, the board approved its salt contract participation agreement and the seal coat and surface treatment program for 2007.
Supervisors also agreed to release funds as allocated in the 2007 budget for the Pinecroft Volunteer Fire Company, Tipton Antis Volunteer Fire Company and Home Nursing Agency.