Tyrone Fire Police hold annual dinner

Two members of the Tyrone Fire Police received special recognition at its annual dinner meeting Saturday night at the Morningstar Restaurant in Bellwood as well as a report given showing they had a year filled with activity.
Captain Edward Lehman was presented with a plaque honoring him for his many years of service after his announcement of retirement. The group, facing some struggles, convinced Lehman to remain on in his position.
In accepting Lehman told the group, \”I couldn\’t do it without all your support.\”
Ralph \”Bill\” Stimer was recipient of a plaque in recognition for his hard work and dedication to the Fire Police. In making the presentation, Captain Lehman noted the award was the third to be made to the Stimer generation.
The Tyrone Fire Police were kept busy throughout 2006 as members responded to some 227 calls throughout the area. These calls included 95 EMS rescue runs; 22 structure fires; 15 Hazmat runs as well as responding to brush fires, service calls, false alarms, good intention calls and a variety of others.
Officers seated to serve another term include Arthur Colyer, president; Calvin Brower, vice president; John Eirich, secretary and Ralph Stimer, treasurer. Ed Lehman serves as Captain; Dave McGlynn, First Lieutenant and Phil McAlkick, 2nd Lieutenant.