TCP announces director for show

Crimes of the Heart, a Pulitzer Prize winning comedy/drama is the second production in the Tyrone Community Players current season.
Auditions will be held in “The Building”, home of the TCP at 1019 Logan Ave., on Sunday and Monday, January 28 and 29 at 7 p.m.
The show will be performed March 16 and 17 at the Wesley Methodist Church social hall.
Director for the show is Cindy Bennett, who has directed such memorable TCP shows as “A Christmas Caroled,” “Dracula” and “Peter Pan.” Additionally, she has been a featured actress in many other Tyrone productions, including “My Fair Lady.”
Parts are available for five women and two men in this interesting and poignant show.
The cast is made up of:
• Lenny Magrath, the eldest Magrath sister who has sacrificed her dreams of love and romance to stay at home and take care of family responsibilities. She doesn\\\’t believe she harbors resentment about the way her sisters take her for granted, but is a powder keg about to explode.
• Meg Magrath, the middle child, with a personality, as she sees it, carefree, creative and unburdened. Her sisters and others, however, see her as self absorbed, divorced from real life responsibilities and irreverent. Meg is a complex character with deep issues that have always controlled her behavior.
• Babe Magrath, the youngest sister, who has always been the apple of her grandfather\\\’s eye. She is bouncy, irrepressible and lives in a cotton candy world she has created for herself. Her bubble bursts when she awakes one morning, looks at her husband (the town’s most successful attorney), and shoots him in the stomach because she doesn’t like the way he looks! It is Babe\\\’s trouble that brings the sisters home and together again.
• Chick Boyle, is \\\”only first cousins\\\” to the Magrath sisters as she is fond of telling everyone in the country club circle where she obsessively aspires to belong. She has a very sardonic personality, is extremely haughty in her approach to life, and feels she is the only responsible member of an embarrassing and eccentric family.
• Doc Porter has a long history with Meg, one of local legend that ended with an injury that caused Doc to be anywhere from \\\”a cripple\\\” to having only a sight limp, depending on who tells the story. He has recently returned to Hazlehurst with his wife and two small children and is caught in a moral struggle when Meg returns to Hazlehurst!
• Barnette Lloyd is a young attorney who has recently hung his shingle and is the only lawyer in town not belonging to the law firm of Babe\\\’s husband, the shooting victim. By process of elimination he is chosen to defend Babe from the charges brought against her, but his youth and innocence are easy prey for Babe\\\’s vivacious and fun loving personality.
This is an intelligent and poignant play, one that provides exquisite acting opportunities for women of many ages. The ages of the Magrath sisters can vary and will be determined by the director. They could be anywhere from mid twenties to fifties. Do not let age deter you from auditioning because there is great flexibility in the casting of this show.
Anyone wishing to sign up to work any of the technical crews may stop by “The Building” at 1019 Logan Avenue, Tyrone during auditions. If you have any questions, would like to see a perusal script, or sign up for a technical crew, phone the Arts Line at 684-ART2 or call Director Cindy Bennett at 684-1219.