Presbyterians to celebrate the journey of 150 years

Led by interim Pastor Norman Huff, at 10:30 a.m. worship this Sunday, January 28, the 82 members of Tyrone Presbyterian Church will celebrate their journey of faith that began in a $3,500 log cabin church in 1857 and stretches now across 150 years to embrace the graystone gothic building, standing at the corner of Logan Avenue and Thirteenth Street.
For this inaugural anniversary service, the Westminster Choir will sing an anniversary anthem entitled, Come, Celebrate The Journey, composed in 1988 by the late Reverend Samuel T. Lewis III. A beloved son of Tyrone Presbyterian Church, and the late husband of Pediatrician Dr. Kathryn Huxtable Lewis, Reverend Lewis first graduated from Baltimore’s Peabody Conservatory Of Music in 1953, and then in 1958 he graduated from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary as a Presbyterian pastor.
After serving Presbyterian churches in Delmont and Huston PA, Reverend Lewis returned to Tyrone and worked as pastor of the Sinking Valley and Lower Spruce Creek Presbyterian churches from 1975 to 1994. As part of his Christian ministry, Reverend Lewis sang and also composed music.
At this 10:30 anniversary service on January 28, interim Presbyterian Pastor Norman Huff will deliver the morning message and also lead the audience in three traditional hymns about the church triumphant. For the prelude and the offertory, the church organist will present two other compositions by Reverend Lewis entitled, Rejoice, Ye Children Of The Light and his beloved, At The Turning Of The Narrow Road.
During the year 2007, Tyrone Presbyterians have planned several 150th Anniversary Services. Why not join them for this inaugural anniversary service and discover strength for today in these lyrics from the late “Ted” Lewis: Come celebrate the journey / We celebrate today / All those who pioneered our faith/ All those who led the way / Crossed continents and oceans / From Old World to The New / Let’s celebrate the journey / For it’s our journey too!