Family Fun Nights scheduled

The Champion Life Center announced it will hold a Family Fun Night on Wednesdays free of charge to the community starting Wednesday, February 7 from 4 to 6 p.m.
“Today the family unit is breaking apart and needs to be strengthened. Holding a weekly family activity night is one way that parents and the community can prioritize what is of value in their life and at the same time teach children a wide variety of lessons and skills that can strengthen families morally and spiritually,” said Pastor James Baldwin.
Family Fun Night will assist in strengthening communications skills and increase moral and spiritual beliefs. Positive values can be taught along with games, activities or family community service projects. There will be board games set up in the dining room; the play area and gameroom will also be open for all ages and there will be special activities offered on various weeks. Parental or adult supervision is required at all times.
The Champion Life Center is located at 1311 12th Avenue, downtown Altoona. For more information, contact Linda Martin at 942-9400 ext. 4.