Faces and Places Ministries prepares for another great year

Over the past five years, you may have heard mention of Faces and Places Ministries. Providing a variety of activities including plays and dinner theaters, Faces and Places Ministries is dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through creative art forms.
The ministry has been a part of the community for five years, ministering the gospel in over 250 churches, to over 15,000 and over 2,500 children.
Faces and Places founder, Drew Baker, said in a press release, “When we as a ministry look at these numbers, we know God is working in miraculous ways.
“It has been the pleasure of those involved in this ministry to be in partnership with many individuals, churches and civic organizations to bring forth the gospel through creative ministry the past five years.
“As we look forward to our sixth year of ministering the Gospel to the local community and beyond we are anticipating God’s hand working mightily to change lives for Jesus Christ.
“We are so thankful for each and every one of your prayers and especially your support in this ministry over the years, without your support this could have never grown to what it is today.”
In this sixth year of ministry, many local projects, as well as national projects, are underway for this dedicated group of people.
It was also recently announced that Faces and Places Ministries will soon have a home. Plans include the group moving into their own building which will be used for rehearsal space as well as other creative ministry events.
According to the release, having a building will provide the community and surrounding areas an opportunity to become more involved in the large operating Christian theatrical ministry.
The Faces and Places Ministries Center for Creative Ministries will be located at 954 Logan Avenue. More details about this exciting time for Faces and Places will follow.
With its sixth season starting, Faces and Places Ministries is proud to announce its schedule for the upcoming year.
Now at the beginning of this 6th season of ministry, they are proud to announce the show schedule for this year.
A dinner theater, “Grace and Glorie” is scheduled for February 9, 10, 16 and 17.
“Grace and Glorie” is a serious drama concerning the role society plays in caring for the elderly. Grace, played by Betsy Beck of Tyrone, is a 90-year old Virginian, isolated in her mountain cabin bed ridden with cancer whose only companion is the Good Lord.
Touching and poignant lessons are learned between Grace and Gloria, played by Donna Derdel of State College, is a top New York City executive whose heart has been hardened by the loss of her young son. Her heart is softened and her faith is restored as she finds herself volunteering to help Grace in her final days. Although the message is heavy, it is interspersed with comic relief. The drama is under the direction of Drew M. Baker, stage managed by Deb Shawley. Call for more details.
This year’s Easter dramatic musical will be “Women Around the Cross”.
According to the release, this show, which will be traveling across Central Pennsylvania, is comprised of eight talented women who bring to life the lives of those whose Christ\’s love and healing touched as He walked this earth. Here the agony, heartache, and abandonment as they watch their Savior crucified.
Then hear their hope as they know He will come back again and reign in glory. This touching musical drama will introduce you to such women as Mary the mother of our Lord, Mary Magdalene, Martha, and many others. The roles in this production are singing and non singing.
“Women Around the Cross” is under the direction of Mary Edna Lykens and will begin traveling on March 8th.
Auditions, for women only, will be held Sunday, January 28 at 2:30 p.m. Call for an audition appointment and location.
And finally, the spring production will be “David, A Man After God\’s Own Heart” written by Cam Floria.
In May, Faces and Places Ministries will launch this sprawling epic of an ancient time summed up in one man\’s life, King David.
A dramatic musical production for the church, “David” will inspire, motivate and challenge those in attendance.
The story follows the life of David from a teen to his death. It will take the audience on a journey, narrated by Samuel, the prophet, which will cause them to realize why this man was call “A Man After God\’s Own Heart”.
We all fail as David did, but God always opens a door for redemption.
Featured titles from this musical include “O Jerusalem”, “The Lord Is My Shepherd”, “Our Great God and King” and “Unbelievable Love”.
Productions dates are scheduled in May.
For interested individuals, Faces and Places Ministries will be casting all roles for this production on Sunday, January 21 at 2:30 p.m. Call for an audition appointment.
Both singing and non-singing roles are available. Singing roles include: David, the young shepherd boy (teen); David, the King (middle aged); Samuel, the prophet; Goliath, the giant killed by David; Absalom, the guy with big hair (comedic actor/singer) and Bathsheba, the young woman David falls into sin over. Non-singing roles include: David, the King (older adult); King Saul, the king threatened by David; Bathsheba, (older adult); Solomon, David’s son; Jonathan, David’s close friend and son of King Saul and the Witch of Endor, whom King Saul consults with about David.
To make an appointment or for more information, call Faces and Places Ministries at 932-4085 or 684-6069.
Interested individuals can also visit the website at or