B-A School Board acts on variety of issues

Last night, the Bellwood-Antis School Board met to discuss several issues.
They approved the property access and maintenance agreement with the Bellwood Borough Authority. The agreement authorizes the authority to enter district property, inspect and repair or replace the lateral sewer line at no cost to the district.
Board members also voted to authorize the architect t to submit work-in-progress plans and specifications to the Antis Township compliance reviewer for preliminary feedback at a fee of $125 per hour. The preliminary review is needed to avoid delaying the bidding process and incurring addition costs for change orders after the bidding. Also, with the residential building code changes, the Commonwealth of Pa removed plan approval for schools from the PA Department of Labor and Industry and placed it at the municipality level.
Also approved was an agreement with Co-eXprise, Inc. to conduct the bidding process for selected food supplies for the cafeteria program and an agreement with IU8 for the IDEIA Section 611 Pass Thru Funds (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) for the 2006-07 school year in the amount of $154,800. 69.
In preparation for the PSSA tests, the board approved the high school administration’s request to establish a partnership with Penn State University to hire mathematics education majors to tutor high school students in math. Also, high school math teachers will tutor students after school. The college student tutors will be paid $10 per hour while high school teachers Lisa Hartsock, Dawn Frank, Kristeen Riddle, Allison Stodart and Larissa Kavchok will be paid the contract rate of $24.18 per hour. The total cost is to be paid through the Accountability Block Grant but is not to exceed $4,000.
Technology coordinator Mike Lingenfelter was approved to teach community adult computer classes beginning in January through April at the computer coach rate of $40 per hour, not to exceed 60 hours (enrollment dependent).
Other professional services were approved, with all costs funded by the Transition Grant for the 2006-07 school year.
Kenneth Frederick is to provide job development/job coaching at a rate of $30 per hour, not to exceed 360 hour.
Susan Franco is to provide transition coordination above and beyond the current consultation contract at a rate of $50 per hour, not to exceed 184 hours.
Kathy Nau, Laurie Lytle and one addition consortium job coach are to provide on-site job coaching services at a rate of $17.30 per hour, above and beyond the employees’ scheduled work hours/days, not to exceed 150 total job coaching hours.
The board accepted the resignation, with regret, of Michele Wantz as a cafeteria worker, effective December 21, 2006. They also regretfully accepted the resignation of Paula Kauffman as an elementary teacher, effective the last school day of the 2006-07 school year.
In other business, day to day substitute teachers were approved including Travis Martin, biology; Cummins McNitt, Social Studies; Robin Brenneman, mathematics and Matthew Hale, special education.
Also, Beth A. Rhoades and Christina Long, pending receipt of their clearances, were approved as substitutes in the cafeteria.
Finally, the board approved the following volunteers: Robin Shock, Elementary Parent Volunteer Corps. and David Worthing, elementary boys basketball.
Next month’s meeting, originally scheduled for February 13, has been moved up to February 6 where more information pertaining to the upcoming Myers Elementary project will be discussed.