Antis Township chooses CDBG projects for 2007

At last week’s Antis Township meeting, Supervisors looked at proposed projects for this year’s Pennsylvania Community Development Block Grant program.
Blair Senior Services submitted a request under the public services category. The project was described as the addition of a food heating cabinet to be located at the Bell Mansion site.
ABCD Corporation also submitted a proposal under economic development describing their project as special economic development activities that lead to job creation and job retention.
The other three proposals were Antis Township projects. One proposal was listed under housing rehabilitation while a second came under the project heading of removal of architectural barriers. This would provide upgrades at the Bellwood-Antis Township Community Park.
It was also noted that the Blair County Housing and Redevelopment Authority would be willing to do housing rehabilitation activities in Antis Township.
And finally, once again, under public services, money will be set aside for the Antis Township Scholarship program.
Supervisors, through this yearly Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Entitlement, have an ongoing scholarship program for high school and college or technical school students who are current residents of Antis Township.
The scholarships have been awarded to students for the past ten years.
The scholarship program was created in 1998 to help high school seniors looking to go to college or technical school, however, money has been awarded to students currently enrolled in a higher education program.
Eligibility is awarded on low to moderate income status. Interested individuals can fill out a short, one page survey to determine LMI status. The Blair County Planning Commission determines eligibility. Once LMI status is determined, students will receive scholarship applications.
Those applicants with LMI status are then referred back to the Bellwood-Antis School District Scholarship Committee. The committee reviews applicant’s academic credentials and sends several candidates back to Antis Township.
Then, in consultation with the school district’s scholarship committee, the Antis Township Board of Supervisors select candidates for scholarship funding.
More information regarding the scholarship will be available at a later date.