Tyrone Hospital physicians support Tree of Light

Members of the Tyrone Hospital medical staff made a $1,000 donation to the Tyrone Hospital Development Council’s 6th Annual Tree of Light. The hospital’s medical staff has been a major supporter of the Tree of Light since its inception. In addition to the support the hospital’s medical staff provides as a group, a number of medical staff members also support the fund raiser on an individual basis each year.
Funds raised via the Tree of Light will be used to help pay for an upgraded hood for Tyrone Hospital’s pharmacy at an estimated cost of $12,000.
Pictured are representatives of the Tyrone Hospital medical staff with one of the trees on display in the hospital’s main lobby. From left, front row: Victor Santillan, M.D., General Medicine and General Surgery; Veryl Frye, M.D. of the Emergency Room; Carlos Wiegering, M.D., General Medicine and General Surgery and Luis Jourdain, M.D., Pathologist and Secretary/Treasurer of the Tyrone Hospital Medical Staff. Middle row: Bernard DiGiacobbe, M.D., Radiology; Michael Halter, D.O., Family Medicine; Kishor Patel, M.D., pediatrics; Jerome DeJulia, M.D., Internal Medicine and President of the Tyrone Hospital Medical Staff and Randy Miles, Sr., Chairman of the Tyrone Hospital Development Council. Back row: Paul Barton, DPM, Podiatry; Basil Selden, M.D., Medical Director of the Emergency Room and Jason Henninger, D.O., Family Medicine.