Fresh Air Fund looking for host families for summer 2007

The Fresh Air Fund is already looking for volunteer families to host Fresh Air children in the summer of 2007.
Since 1877, children from New York City growing up in low-income neighborhoods have experienced the joys of summer in suburban and small-town communities through the Fresh Air Fund’s Friendly Town Program. When Fresh Air Children are welcomed into area homes, this gives them a break from the hot, crowded, and sometimes dangerous city streets.
The experiences for the children and host families have been so positive that over 65 percent of the children participating in the program are invited back to visit the same host families year after year.
In the past, families from the Tyrone area have welcomed children from this program into their homes providing great memories for the children and their host families.
If a family would like to help and is unable to host a child from this program, they can still help the cause. The Fresh Air Fund will also except money contributions to help maintain their programs.
The Fresh Air Fund’s web site is On this Website, you can find information concerning several different Fresh Air programs, the procedure to host a Fresh Air child, or where to send a contribution.
Anyone interested can also obtain information by calling JoAnn Gallaher at (814)687-3659 or the Fresh Air Fund at (800)367-0003.