Antis Township and Bellwood Borough ready for snow removal

The area saw its first snow fall last week and although it wasn’t a major storm, area crews were out on the roads making it safe for drivers. While this past weekend brought warmer weather, the snow will surely return before too long.
Both Antis Township and Bellwood Borough are ready for whatever winter brings, but also ask that residents do their part once the snow starts falling.
In Antis Township, the number one priority during the winter months is keeping the snow and ice off the roads so citizens can arrive at their destinations safely. To help road crews do their work efficiently and effectively, citizens are reminded that vehicles must be removed from public streets within one hour after the commencement of each snowfall. Violators will be towed.
Also, it is unlawful for anyone to shovel or plow snow onto public roads. Snowmobiles, ATVs and all other unlicensed vehicles are strictly prohibited on public streets at all times.
According to information from the township, roads are cleaned in priority order, beginning first with major arteries, then moving to secondary roadways and finally cleaning residential streets. Every effort is made to keep all township roads cleared, but in cases of heavy or quickly falling snow it will take time for crews to get to every road.
Bellwood Borough employees also appreciates the community’s cooperation when it comes to snow removal. Remember to follow the odd/even parking ordinance when in effect along with any snow emergencies ordinances in effect. It is also helpful to move vehicles when a truck is plowing.
Residents are also reminded sidewalks must be cleared within 48 hours after a snowfall. When cleaning off the sidewalk, do not throw snow onto the street.
Borough employees also offer safety tips, asking parents to remind children not to play on snow banks along the roadside made by plow trucks. Also when they see a truck, children should move away from the road because the plows throw snow off the roads onto the sides of the street.