Suspicious activity reported in Tyrone

A Washington Avenue resident reported suspicious activity at his home on Friday evening.
Tyrone police said the resident reported a man appeared at his residence and said he wanted to go inside to test the water. The resident also told police that another house at the intersection of Fourth Street and Clay Avenue was also targeted.
Police learned a man went to the residence and claimed he wanted to give the occupant a remodeling estimate on the inside of his house.
Contact was made with another resident who said a man appeared at his house and wanted to do siding work on the outside of the home. That resident said he observed two different men.
The area was checked and there was no sign of the men. Periodic checks of the area of Fourth and Fifth Streets and Madison Avenue were also conducted. Police noted a lot of elderly live in those areas.
Chief Joseph Beachem said no arrests have been made in the incidents as of Monday.