Routine business discussed at Antis Township meeting

Antis Township Supervisors met last week to discuss a variety of issues.
Board Chairman Ray Amato shared the road report for October saying leaf pick up is going well and the crew is doing a good job. Also, the trucks and road equipment are ready for winter.
The board agreed to transfer winter services duties for a section of SR 865 from the township to Bellwood Borough. This will allow the borough to plow the road through the township to the county line.
Solicitor Patrick Fanelli reviewed two ordinances which the board then approved. The first is ordinance No. 2-2006 authorizing the township to take over, accept and maintain Deerfield Lane, Park Forest Lane and Sunrise Court as township roads. The second, ordinance No. 3-2006 amends Chapter 119 “Vehicles and Traffic” of the Antis Township code and designates weight limits on Antis Road, Becker Road, Brush Mountain Road, Igou Road, Kerbaugh Road and Riggles Gap Road. Previously there were no weight limits on any of these roads.
Supervisor Charles Taylor told the board the Planning Commission reviewed the revised draft copy of the wind turbine ordinance and they feel it is ready to be advertised. Once the ordinance is advertised, it can be adopted at the December board meeting if the supervisors so desire.
The board also accepted for advertisement the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance amendments. Township engineer Chris Dutrow reviewed a few key changes with the board. Some of the changes include an expanded definition of land development, the allowance of pervious pavement for private projects and the addition of buffer requirements along streams, to name a few.