Ember to appear in concert at Joshua House on Friday

This Friday, Ember is scheduled to appear in concert at Joshua House located at 123 West 10th Street, Tyrone following the football game at 10 p.m.
All are welcome to attend, and donations will go towards raising money for a skate/bike park in Tyrone.
Band members submitted some background information about the group.
During the inception of Ember no intricate plan was in place. There was no well thought out plan of attack. There was just a deep burning desire for making music that would make people\’s souls turn. Still present members, Joe and Dan decided to get together for a jam session. It was an interest in music that was not your everyday radio song. It was something deeper, and more passionate. Joe and Dan had a heart to see people come to the salvation of Jesus Christ. As time went on, members came and left, but Dan, and Joe pressed on. The dream never died.
At Ember\’s first show Joe made a statement, \”We are not up here for us, we are doing this show, these songs because we feel that if just one person’s life is changed that it is all worth it.\”
Three years later that saying is Ember\’s anthem. Now Ember is comprised of four key elements: Levi George, percussion-programming; Dan Short, lead guitar/background vocals; Tim Larson, guitar/background vocals and Joseph Bloom, lead vocals/bass guitar.