Dentist provides program on oral health at Tyrone Senior Community Center

Local residents gathered at the Tyrone Senior Community Center to hear an educational program entitled “Keeping Your Mouth Healthy”.
The program was co-sponsored by Blair Senior Services and Tyrone Hospital. The featured speaker was Dr. Donald S. Miller, a dentist with a practice in Bellwood, who is a member of the Tyrone Hospital medical staff and a past member of the hospital’s board of directors.
Dr. Miller discussed what senior citizens need to know about teeth, gums, and denture care and the direct relationship between oral health and the health of the rest of one’s body.
“It is important for people to address oral health as part of their overall health maintenance,” said Dr. Miller. “Older adults need to be aware of how prescribed medications, changes in health and diet can affect the health of mouth.”
Items Dr. Miller discussed in his presentation included: the effect that certain medications, for example, blood pressure medication, antibiotics, and over the counter medications have on oral health, bacteria that develops in the mouth as we age and how it contributes to tooth decay and gum disease, treatment for gum disease, proper cleaning of teeth, dental implants, dry mouth and how it contributes to tooth decay and ulcerations under dentures, treatments for dry mouth, oral cancer, devices that make oral care easier for those with arthritis, and how oral health can affect cardiovascular disease and the development of bacterial pneumonia.
For more information on programs at the Tyrone Senior Community Center, call 684 -7853.