Volunteer church meals program in crisis

Every Tuesday and Friday morning for the past 37 years, a small group of cooks and drivers have prepared and delivered a hot, nutritious noon meal to elderly, handicapped and needy people in the community.
These volunteer groups of people from five area churches have kept this program going all this time. However, several of the churches are having trouble finding people who will help cook and are going to drop out of the program.
All the people who participate agree that the rewards of doing something to help are well worth the time and effort involved. They also agree it is fun to spend a morning cooking and chatting as they work in the kitchen. All the meals are prepared at the First Presbyterian Church and the menu varies depending on which church volunteers are preparing the meals.
Presently, approximately 35 people get meals twice a week. There are funds available to purchase the food so there is no expense to the volunteers and there is a “Cooking for 50” cookbook available to help with planning.
The meals are really appreciated, especially in bad weather. So many older people are afraid to go out when the weather is bad to shop for food, even when they are capable of preparing it. Anyone who, because of age, or infirmity, who is unable to prepare a nutritious meal, is invited to call the Presbyterian Church office to request a meal.
However, if more churches or individuals do not volunteer to help with this program, it will cease to exist at the end of December. All it takes is a group of two or three cooks and four drivers to cook once every five or six weeks. Please prayerfully consider helping the Volunteer Church meals program to continue. Call the Presbyterian Church office at 684-2003 for more information, or attend the organizational meeting on Friday, October 20 at 1:30 p.m. at the Presbyterian Church, located on the corner of 13th Street and Logan Avenue.