Tyrone Renaissance Education Foundation provides incentives for TASD students

The Tyrone Middle and High School Renaissance Education Foundation funds projects in the Tyrone schools which aim to improve the academic atmosphere, making it an inviting place for students to come, study and learn.
Renaissance has been working for many years to motivate students to improve their academic performance and in return rewarding them for their efforts.
Founded during the 1992-93 school year, TREF is a nonprofit corporation governed by an independent Board of Trustees comprised of a dedicated group of volunteer parents, faculty, students, and business leaders from the Tyrone community.
There is always a need for volunteers and currently members are looking for people to help out with the sundae bars, which are provided as incentive for students’ good grades.
While many parents work throughout the school day, TREF President Robin Cushion suggested grandparents could get involved and volunteer during sundae bars. Anyone interested in learning more or who would like to volunteer their time may call 684-4240 ext. 1.
Currently, the TREF is working within the middle and high school, however, the hope is to eventually expand the foundation to the elementary school also.
Over the years TREF has initiated many rewards programs for TAHS students, including the Incentive Card Program. Incentive Cards are awarded to students after each marking period which provide students with privileges in school, discounts in retail stores in Tyrone, or coupons for free products or services.
Also, TREF names several Renaissance Stars each marking period. These are students who have excelled in some academic area, for example, completing an outstanding research report, receiving a super grade on a test, putting in extra effort or showing major improvement in a class. Students are nominated by their teachers for this honor and each marking period two students from each grade are selected.
Two students from each grade are also recognized and rewarded for outstanding attendance. At the end of the school year, students with exceptional attendance throughout the entire school year are eligible to win a grand prize.
There are also many other programs Renaissance helps to fund. TREF helps bring distinguished speakers, scholars, scientists and business leaders into the classrooms to share their expertise with students, staff, and the community.
Honor students are not the only ones rewarded by the Tyrone Renaissance program. The organization’s aim is to improve student performance at all levels. Renaissance rewards improvement, effort, and individual responsibility in whatever classes each student is enrolled.
The Renaissance program also recognizes teachers and school personnel as professionals and provides incentives for innovative ideas and outstanding effort from anyone, whether a teacher, administrator, clerical, or maintenance staff employee.
Parents, local businesses, and the community are all welcome to become involved with the Tyrone Renaissance Education Foundation. Interested individuals should consider supporting the organization by: making a tax-deductible contribution, offer time as a volunteer or become a Business Partner and provide discounts to students.
For more information, contact President Robin Cushion, Homeroom Advisor Leah Dobrowolsky or High School Principal Rebecca Erb.