Pittsburgh area man nabbed in Tyrone computer sex sting

A 24-year-old man from Gibsonia, Adam Lee Carey, was arrested yesterday afternoon after he came to Tyrone in an alleged attempt to meet a person for sex whom he believed was a 13-year-old girl.
Carey allegedly came to Tyrone after on-line chats with “the girl” on Sunday and sending messages arranging a meeting at the Tyrone Pizza Hut.
A police criminal complaint details a log of conversations between Carey and “the teen”. In reality, “the girl” was a local citizen who created an online persona with a screen name of “I am sweet tara”. The conversations include graphic and sexual references allegedly made by Carey.
The citizen who played the role of “sweet tara” told police about the messages and the chat log of the conversations with Carey. He also informed them about the planned meeting at the Pizza Hut. Carey provided a description of the car he would be driving in the message and set up a meeting time at the restaurant.
Police checked to see what type of vehicle was registered under Carey’s name and it matched the one he allegedly described in his message.
An additional message regarding the meeting was sent to the citizen posing as “sweet tara” and he turned the information over to police at 5:45 p.m., yesterday.
Officers went to the Pizza Hut in an unmarked car about 6 p.m. Police observed a car fitting the description of the one Carey said he would be using in a parking lot near the Pizza Hut.
A felony traffic stop was conducted and Carey was taken into custody and given his rights. He was asked why he was in Tyrone and said he stopped for pizza and was on his way to meet his girlfriend in another town.
His vehicle was towed and he was taken to the Tyrone Police Department. Police said he agreed to answer questions. According to the police complaint, he admitted he had come to Tyrone to have sex with a 13-year-old girl named “Tara”. He said his on-line conversations had “gotten out of hand”. Police said he started to cry and told them he needed help.
Police discovered a Mapquest map of Tyrone on Carey after he was stopped. He was identified through his driver’s license. A search of his vehicle turned up a box of condoms bought yesterday in Butler and a large knife/axe.
Carey was charged with criminal use of a communication facility, attempted involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, attempted unlawful contact with a minor and attempted statutory sexual assault. All the crimes are felonies.
After his preliminary arraignment, Carey was placed in Blair County Prison on $75,000, 10 percent bail. Information on a preliminary hearing was not available at press time.