Discount Food Program to hold orders tomorrow

The Discount Food Program, a central Pennsylvania food program sponsored by Youth Outreach and the Champion Life Center, has set its October menu and is accepting new participants.
The Discount Food Program is offered through the Champion Life Center located at 1311 12th Avenue in downtown Altoona.
The program will hold orders and new sign-ups tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. There are no income or residential restrictions.
Every family that participates in the Discount Food Program in October will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to Wal-Mart. The winning family will be drawn and announced on distribution day on October 21.
The October menu and box of food for only $25 includes: 1 lb. breaded chicken wing portions, 3.66 lb. chicken leg quarters, 1/2 lb. whole muscle chicken nuggets, 1 lb. ham steak, 1.5 lb. Sea Gem Fish portions, 1 lb. meatballs (beef), 1/2 lb. beef sausage, 3 lb. fresh potatoes, 1.5 lb. fresh onions, 3 packages vegetables, 2 packages fruit, shelf stable items and 2 lb. french fries.
All food weight is approximate.
October’s specials, which are available with the purchase of at least one box of food, includes: Special No. 1: Stouffer’s Meat Lasagna, 6 lb. for $12.50; Special No 2: Ribeye Steak portions, six 8-oz. steaks for $14.50; Special No. 3: Shaved Beef Bonanza, 5.3 lb. shaved beef for $15.50 and Special No. 4: Snack Deal: Peanut Butter Toasty Crackers, 45 packs for $10.
Concession foods will be made available on October 10 for takeout.
The Discount Food Program is not affiliated with other similar programs. Please bring a photo ID. The Discount Food Program accepts cash, access card or money orders only. For more information, call 942-9400 ext. 1.