Warriors Mark passes resolution to comply with incident management system

Warriors Mark Township has become the latest municipality to take action regarding the implementation of the National Incident Management System.
The system was devised after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States. Solicitor Larry Clapper explained a Sept. 30 deadline was approaching for certain township officials and emergency responders to complete a training course about the system.
The Herald previously reported NIMS was developed so responders from different jurisdictions and disciplines can work together better to respond to natural disasters and emergencies, including acts of terrorism.
The previous Herald story noted NIMS benefits include a unified approach to incident management; standard command and management structures; and an emphasis on preparedness, mutual aid and resource management.
The supervisors approved a resolution regarding NIMS compliance last night. Solicitor Clapper explained that funding to deal with emergencies and liquid fuels money could be withheld if the township was not compliant.
Courses are offered both on-line at a designated locations to allow officials to complete the training. Chairman L. Stewart Neff said he had already completed the training, but the other supervisors still need to do so. Township officials also needed to check on whether or not members of the fire company had completed the required course.
Supervisors also approved a three-year agreement with AMED for primary ambulance service to the township. Solicitor Clapper noted it was his belief that AMED responders were already compliant regarding NIMS.
The agreement with AMED is at no charge to the township. A previous agreement with AMED had expired, according to Chairman Neff. He said service is dispatched from Tyrone. If Tyrone responders were busy then service will be dispatched from the Bellwood area.