Tyrone Moose faces possible closing

Tyrone Moose Lodge Administrator Joe McMullen has told The Daily Herald the organization is likely to shut down by mid-October.
“We were given 60 days to become compliant by the district and state organization,” said McMullen. “We’ve been having financial problems for a long time.
“After the flood (of 2004) we were touch and go,” said McMullen. “We had water all over our first floor. We went through floods before, but it was pretty devastating this time.
“It took everything that we had to get back operating,” said McMullen. “We are not compliant with the (organization’s) laws which state that we must be financial sound.”
McMullen also explained the local lodge has experienced a steep drop in membership during the last year. He noted a change in the way Moose International processes dues for its members.
“They had instituted a centralized dues processing for the entire Moose organization,” said McMullen. “I think they were a little short-sighted in thinking that every one has credit cards or checking accounts. The majority of my members don’t have that. The computer program that they instituted didn’t work.”
McMullen explained that people were waiting several months or more to get their membership cards.
He said In Sept. 2005 the local lodge had about 230 male members. McMullen said that figure now stands at 93.
He noted total membership throughout the Moose International organization has dropped 225,000 (including members in men lodges and members of Women of the Moose) since the centralized system was instituted.
McMullen said he didn’t expect to see the situation in Tyrone turn around, which would mean the closing of the Moose Lodge here by mid October.
Locally, women’s membership has dropped from 122 to 86 within two years according to Tyrone’s recorder Connie Muir.
She said of the likely closing of the lodge, “we’re quite upset because it’s going to hurt the elderly.”
The Lodge in Tyrone is located at 924 S. Logan Avenue. The Loyal Order of Moose #25 was established in Tyrone in 1909 and has been in its current building since 1929, according to information on The Tyrone Area Historical Society’s web site (
The web site lists the Moose Lodge in its walking tour section. According to the site’s information, the building was dedicated on Labor Day, Sept. 2, 1929. Today just happens to mark 77 years since the building’s dedication.