Tyrone Hospital snack bar dedicated

The next time you enter the snack bar at Tyrone Hospital, read the plaque on the door as you enter and you will see that the area has been dedicated in memory of the late “Rete” McNelis DeMuinck and “Dre” DeMuinck, longtime residents of Tyrone.
Members of the DeMuinck family made a donation to Tyrone Hospital that was used to renovate and upgrade the snack bar area, now called the “Blue Room Café”. The Café is used by patients, visitors, and members of the Tyrone Hospital family and is open to the public.
Pete Byich, of Metz & Associates serves as Director of Nutrition Services at Tyrone Hospital. Byich said the Cafe offers a comfortable environment for people to enjoy snacks and meals from breakfast through lunch.
“The hospital has always had a snack bar but thanks to the generosity of the DeMuinch family, the area is now modernized and offers more options to meet customer needs,” he added.
In addition to ambiance, the Blue Room Café offers a wider variety of both hot and cold menu items.
Byich said among those who visit the Café are the hospital’s outpatients.
“There are many patients who must fast for a lengthy period of time before receiving testing. People are sometimes eager to have something to eat as soon as their tests are completed and may stop in the café for a bite.”
The Café is also popular with employees and physicians who are in and out of the hospital seeing patients, and those who work in the offices located on the hospital’s campus.
One of the enhancements that has been well received is the hot food buffet.
“Each day we feature a few hot food items that are either home style food or ethnic cuisine. We have featured Hungarian, Asian, Mexican and Italian foods and they are often a sell out.”
All of Tyrone Hospital’s food services are managed by Metz & Associates.
For more information about the Blue Room Café at Tyrone Hospital, contact Byich at 684-6305.
Patients, family members, visitors, and members of the Tyrone Hospital family are now enjoying meals and snacks in a renovated snack bar located at Tyrone Hospital.