Tyrone Borough has helped dozens with housing rehab

Tyrone Borough has helped more than three dozen families through its housing rehab program since 2002.
According to information released to The Daily Herald, the borough has completed 41 housing rehabilitations. On average about 10 homes a year have been rehabilitated.
The program is administered by the County of Blair Redevelopment and Housing Authority on behalf of the borough. Tyrone received $230, 059.79 in 2001 HOME grant money and $329,785.53 in 2003.
Money for housing rehab was also earmarked in 2000, 2001, 2002 through Community Development Block Grant money. Those amounts totaled $276,327.90. Tyrone has also earmarked $30,000 for housing rehab in its 2006 CDBG grant.
Tyrone Borough Finance Manager Phyllis Garhart said the 2001 HOME grant money has been closed. She said the 2003 HOME money grant would be closed once matching dollars are spent. She said there’s about enough money left to rehab another house. Garhart said once the 2003 HOME grant is closed, the borough will be able to apply for new grant money. Garhart said CDBG money is used to match the HOME grant. Garhart said both programs are federal programs that are channeled through the state for municipalities to receive the funding.
“Residents appreciate the fact the program is available for them,” said Tyrone Borough Manager Sharon Dannaway.
She also explained that people will come in looking for help with a roof, for example, but the whole house is evaluated so rehabilitation can be done on other parts of the home as well.
One facet of the program is lead paint abatement. From time to time, council has had to approve cost overruns and Dannaway said in a number of those cases, the lead paint abatement was the reason.
Any residential owner-occupied structure within the confines of the borough is potentially eligible for the program. There are a number of eligibility requirements. The program is designed to assist very-low income and low income households with priority given to the elderly and disabled in each income category. There are other eligibility requirements and the borough has published a brochure, which includes details on the program.
The grant minimum for assistance is $1,000 and the maximum is $20,000. Costs in excess of $20,000 must be approved by council.
For more details on Tyrone Borough’s Housing Rehabilitation Program contact the borough at 684-1330 or the County of Blair Redevelopment Authority at 944-1559.