Prison incident

Earlier this week it was made public that an inmate attacked a corrections officer at the Blair County Prison; the inmate was Nathan Shaw who is accused of murdering the 6-year-old Tyrone boy with a knife to the neck and assaulting the boy’s mother.
On September 11, inmate Shaw was creating a fracas by beating on a window with a cup and shouting to the officers in the C – Block day room. A corrections officer went into the block and told him to stop screaming and hitting the window. Mr. Shaw became more irate and cursed at the guard. The guard then ordered Shaw to go into his cell and lock himself down. Mr. Shaw started to walk to his cell with the corrections officer immediately behind him. Without provocation, Shaw turned around and struck the face of the CO with his fist. The officer was caught off guard and tried to defend himself as well as move the inmate to his cell. Another officer, in the central control room, monitoring the cell block, saw the altercation from the beginning and issued an “all call, code red” alarm, which means that an officer is in distress and needs help. Within moments, several officers ran to the incident and contained the inmate. Simultaneously, the cellblock was being locked down from the central control station so that no other inmates could be involved with the problem.
The corrections officer, a seasoned and respected veteran suffered a broken nose and finger. The top of his head was lacerated and he received four stitches and 11 staples to close his wounds. The officer is expected back to work by early October.
This incident brings to the forefront the dangerous work our corrections officers do each day. The inmate has been in our jail since December 2005 without a problem, on September 11, for no known reason, he snapped and attacked an officer. He will face more criminal charges for these actions.