More time to enjoy Reservoir Park this year

Yesterday’s Tyrone Community Labor Day Picnic at Reservoir Park may have marked the end of the summer season for the facility, but there is still time to enjoy the park this year.
In May, Councilman Don Boytim requested council keep part of the park open beyond the usual closing date at the end of September. He asked council to keep the main gate open to allow access to the pavilion 1/playground until the end of October. Council approved the request and as part of the motion agreed to open the main gate to the lower part of the park on April 1 of each year. The rest of the park will open on Memorial Day.
There have been other moves concerning Reservoir Park including the installation of lights and removal of 78 trees at the recommendation of the Department of Conservation of Natural Resources prior to the beginning of this season New trees that are native to the area were designated to replace the removed ones.
Earlier this year, council also approved an application for Community Development Block Grant money that earmarked $65,000 for renovations to Reservoir Park.
In July, Tyrone learned the Department of Conservation of Natural Resources had approved a grant for $110,000 for renovations to pavilion 1 and the lower restrooms at the park.
The DCNR grant requires a matching amount from the borough. Manager Sharon Dannaway said Tyrone will us the $65,000 from the CDBG money and general fund dollars to come up with the matching amount. The borough’s money from the general fund would be used to pay its own workers doing labor on the project.
She said DCNR requires the borough to conduct surveys including topography and seek requests for proposals for design of the project. This morning, Dannaway said the borough is in the process of meeting those requirements.
Last year, the borough outlined priorities regarding renovations at Reservoir Park. The plans call for the project to be done in phases during the next few years.
The first phase will encompass the pathways to the lower restroom to bring them into ADA (Americans with Disability Act) compliance for easier accessibility, handicap parking for the pavilion 1 area and the pavilion 1 area itself.