In-house library remains an asset to Epworth Manor residents

You might not know this, but the library at Epworth Manor is a popular place for residents and staff alike.
The library provides a place for residents to visit, pick out books and enjoy the changing bulletin boards that are kept decorated each season.
This is a very special place for two residents at the Manor. The roommates visit the library every week and each take out four books. After reading their own choices, they exchange books and then discuss all eight books they read that week.
Now that it’s time for students to head back to school, library volunteer Ann Clark decorated the boards accordingly. When entering the library area, visitors will first be greeted by a bulletin board full of back to school scenes. Then, in the library, Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang adorn the other bulletin board. Clark said these characters were created and given to the library by students from Juniata Valley Elementary School. She said the residents really enjoy seeing the boards change, especially when it is artwork from area students.
Throughout the year, other student artwork will appear in the library including Valentine’s from local kids in February.
Currently, the library volunteers are working to restock the shelves as they hope to provide the residents with an opportunity to rediscover the joy of reading.
Everyone is encouraged to join together and help with this endeavor. Family and friends of residents are invited to donate $25 toward the purchase of a new book that will be dedicated to a special resident. The money helps to purchase new materials.
To donate, individuals need to fill out a simple form and return it to the Manor with cash, a check or money order made out to Epworth Manor.
When the new book arrives, a special nameplate is attached to the book stating the resident’s name and the giver. The resident will have the first opportunity to preview the new book, along with the giver.
The book will then be made available for library circulation.
This is a unique way to honor a resident while at the same time helping to build the facility’s collection of books.
Although individuals may not choose the exact title, the type of book may be indicated.
Types of books include westerns, biography, fiction, poetry, mystery, nonfiction, Christian or books on tape.