Founder of dog organization arrested

BThe founder of Tipton-based Dogs Deserve Better was arrested on Monday for allegedly stealing a dog in Freedom Township.
Police there filed charges against 42-year-old Tammy Sneath Grimes of RD 5, Tyrone for theft by unlawful taking or disposition, receiving stolen property, criminal mischief and criminal trespass.
In their criminal complaint, police allege Grimes took a 19-year-old German Shepherd belonging to Steven Arnold of Freedom Township. Police said they met with Judy Arnold and her son shortly before 4 p.m. on Monday.
They told police their dog was missing and a neighbor had told them the dog catcher had taken it. At that point, police contacted the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society to see if they had information about the dog. The Humane Society’s Paul Gutshall informed police that someone from Dogs Deserve Better had taken the dog and the person was observed with the dog at the Altoona Vet Hospital.
Grimes was contacted and said she had the dog. She said she had no permission to go onto the property and take the dog. The investigating officer said he advised Grimes to give the dog back to the owner. However, she said she would not.
The officer said Grimes told him that he could arrest her and take her to jail and she would sit there for her whole life but would not return the dog.
Police said the dog had been taken from a cage on the Arnold property and a collar was cut off of the dog.
Grimes was released on $50,000 unsecured bail after her arraignment before Magisterial District Judge Paula Aigner. Grimes has a preliminary hearing scheduled before Magisterial District Judge Craig Ormsby on Sept. 21.