Church of the Brethren fulfills mission

The Tyrone Church of the Brethren set out on a mission at the beginning of summer. The goal was to teach children in the community the joy of singing praises to God while raising money to aid the Tyrone Police Department in purchasing drug prevention material through a program called Community Safety Net.
The Church of the Brethren was successful on both counts. On August 27, the Summer Praise Program culminated in a Praise Concert attended by approximately 200 church members, family members and community well-wishers.
The praise singers were made up of two groups, five to ten-year-olds and eleven to eighteen-year-olds. The two groups sang together for the opening and closing numbers. The audience was delighted by the singing and equally captivated by the choreography and hand motions that accompanied each selection. The concert ended with a standing ovation.
The other success that was realized was the raising of almost $1,600 to purchase drug prevention booklets to be given out in the Tyrone Elementary School and by patrol officers when they come into contact with the area’s young people.
On Wednesday, September 6 a check was presented to Chief Beachem of the Tyrone Police Department by Pastor Jeff Miley and Kristen Rhodes, Minister of Music, both representing the Church of the Brethren.
It was Kristen’s idea to have a praise program this summer for the youth and children of Tyrone and the Pastor saw this as an opportunity to raise money for drug prevention and make the community a safer place to live, work and worship.
Pastor Jeff was extremely happy with the enthusiasm that Kristen was able to generate with the kids involved and overjoyed to see the willingness of the youth and children to praise and express their love for Jesus Christ. Another interesting outcome to the church’s involvement was that Glenn Fox of Community Safety Net called the pastor to express appreciation for helping the program expand its sponsorship focus. Until the church’s involvement they had never thought to contact the local churches in the communities they served to become partners. That will now change and hopefully more communities of faith will take up the ‘Drug Prevention’ banner.
A slogan that was shared during this experience was, “We’ve got to save our kids before they can get saved.”