Tyrone Hospital Art Gallery featuring new artist

The Tyrone Hospital Art Gallery is now featuring the work of Michael Edward Kensinger of Tyrone.
Kensinger’s exhibit will be on display until September 18, and this is his first art exhibit.
Kensinger’s exhibit consists of pen and ink wildlife illustrations.
“I have been drawing since I was four years old,” said Kensinger. “I have always had a fascination with wildlife and nature, so on rainy days I’d stay inside and try to recreate it all on paper.”
Kensinger says he likes the rawness and the way ink artists have to use line to trick the eye of the viewer into believing what they are seeing. He works primarily in pen and ink but does some colored illustration, often in cooperation with his ink drawings.
“I add some color to make the drawing more rounded, at times.”
Wildlife is Kensinger’s favorite subject and he thinks locals will relate to his artwork because most of what he has done for the Tyrone Hospital exhibit are animals found in Pennsylvania.
“For inspiration all I need to do is take to the woods, go trout fishing, or bird watching. If I am lucky, I will stumble onto something really interesting and then go home and try to relive the experience through art,” said Kensinger.
He is also inspired by the artwork of the late Ned Smith.
“Ever since I was a child, his paintings have been around. I thought how great it must be to have that talent. “
Kensinger’s wildlife illustrations have appeared with Mark Nale’s outdoor column in both the Centre Daily Times and The Daily Herald.
He is 21-years-old and says that his art is a serious hobby that he hopes will someday morph into a career.
“I am extremely happy to be putting on this exhibit. I hope the community enjoys what they see.”
For more information about the Tyrone Hospital Art Gallery, contact Annette Lynn at 684-6315 or Theresa Yanchetz at 684-6348.