Faithful Path President and Founder receives ordination

Ministry President and Founder, Bill Ellenberger of Faithful Path, recently received his Ordination under the direction of Pastor Dave Ervine and approved by the Deacons of Tipton Baptist Church, Tipton, PA.
The ordination process included Ellenberger going through an oral examination counsel process of two hours that included local pastors, church deacons and church members. The Ordination Counsel then voted to approve Ellenberger to the church. This ordination is a recognition by Bill Ellenberger\’s peers, that God has called him to service helping the local church and mentoring pastors. Faithful Path’s website can be found at:
Faithful Path is a national faith based ministry in Tyrone, PA.
Their key goals are:
1. Work with the church lay-leadership of churches who do not have a pastor. To help them revaluate who they are as a body of believers, who they are trying to reach in their community. Then create a description of the ideal spiritual leader, teacher, pastor, who would help them enhance their effort. Finally, create a job description that would help them identify who would be that person.
2. Speak to students of seminaries, Bible colleges, universities, and Bible institutes on what to expect as a pastoral candidate.
3. Mentor pastors, encouraging and praying for them.