Auxiliary provides support for Epworth Manor residents

The Epworth Manor Auxiliary has served for more than 30 years and raises money for activities and supplies at the Manor and is always ready to welcome new members.
Every year, Auxiliary members decide how much money should go into the budget for supplies and activities for the residents of Epworth Manor. Then they spend the rest of the year raising money to meet that goal.
Along with paying for all kinds of outings and some special events, the Auxiliary also helps to pay for items in nursing such as slings and bibs for the residents.
In the past, the Auxiliary has helped establish the library for residents, paid for part of the lounge in the personal care building, donated money to purchase a soft ice cream machine and paid for the chapel cross in the personal care building.
Recently, Auxiliary members raised money to purchase two Broda Chairs for the Manor.
The Broda chairs are special chairs can be used for residents who have difficulty sitting in standard wheelchairs. They also provide many other benefits for the users.
Approximately $3,000 had to be raised in order to purchase the new chairs. Both are currently in use by residents at the home. The physical therapy department has the task of deciding who will benefit from the use of these chairs.
Throughout the year, Auxiliary members participate in several fundraisers to help collect money for important and much needed items like the new chairs.
Fundraisers include MTO coupons, a hoagie sale and the Memorial Tree, which is on display at the Manor during Christmas.
Current officers are: Linda Bequeath, president; Joan Smith, vice president; Mike Bequeath, secretary and Deb Hoover, treasurer.
The Epworth Manor Auxiliary is always looking for new members. Interested individuals can call Linda at 684-0320 and leave a message. Membership is only $2 per year and a lifetime membership is $25.