Man escapes with minor injuries after vehicle pins him in Antis accident

A 30-year-old Altoona man, Larry Keith Wimberly, suffered only minor injuries in a Saturday evening accident in Antis Township that left him pinned to the ground by his vehicle.
State police said Wimberly was traveling on State Route 4015 at an apparent high rate of speed around 9:20 on Saturday. Police said when Wimberly’s car approached another vehicle that was also southbound, Wimberly began tailgating it.
Both vehicles approached the crest of a hill and Wimberly moved his vehicle out to pass the other. After passing, Wimberly’s car reentered the right-hand lane. Wimberly’s right tires then left the road and went onto the west berm. The vehicle continued to travel with the tires on the berm for approximately 210 feet. Wimberly then apparently jerked the steering wheel to the left to get the car back on the road. The car then traveled back on the road going broadside.
Wimberly’s car then traveled off the road onto the east side of SR 4015. The car then traveled broadside through a grassy area and hit three small trees and later a larger tree with its right rear side. Upon hitting the tree, the vehicle began to do a 180-degree turn and went airborne. It rolled while airborne going to its right side toward the ground. While airborne, the car hit two large trees with its undercarriage.
Wimberly was partially ejected through the passenger’s door window while the car was airborne. After hitting the trees with its undercarriage, the car slid down the trees and came to a rest on the passenger side pinning Wimberly to the ground.
Pinecroft and United Fire Companies responded to the scene to free Wimberly. He was transported to Altoona Hospital by Bellwood Ambulance. Wimberly was not wearing a seat belt. State police said they were continuing their investigation.