Tyrone looks at recycling options

Tyrone Borough continues to look at options to make recycling easier for residents as part of the bidding process for an upcoming trash hauling contract while at the same time residents should expect to see an increase in their trash bill.
The borough’s agreement with Waste Management runs until Sept. 30. Currently, residents pay $11.73 a month.
Last week, council was told the borough had met with representatives of the Department of Environmental Protection, Blair County Solid Waste and the current hauler to seek input.
The borough is considering the idea of co-mingling of recyclable materials in an effort to increase recycling in the borough. Under the present system, residents are asked to recycle a different type of material each week. Borough manager Sharon Dannaway said residents are asked to recycle tin and aluminum products, glass, plastic and newspapers each week. The hauler picks up one type of material each week on a rotating basis.
Dannaway said she had learned from Blair County Solid Waste that recycling in the borough had decreased in the past 10 years. The idea to co-mingle was proposed as a way to increase participation.
“We feel if we simplify it, maybe they’ll increase recycling, if you do co-mingling where you can put all (items) together,” said Dannaway.
The borough will put into the bid specifications two different co-mingling options. One option is to pick up all recyclables every other week. Another option would be to co-mingle most items every other week with newspapers being recycled the alternate weeks.
Dannaway said the borough expects the cost of the next contract will increase if only because of the rise in fuel prices. The increased cost would be passed onto residents in their monthly bills.
At last week’s meeting, councilman Jim Grazier asked if the borough could create a senior citizen rate for trash hauling. Dannaway said the idea would be a billing nightmare. She also told council that Tyrone has one of the lowest rates in the county.