Tyrone Borough looking at recreational uses for Shea Field

Last night, Borough Council heard from teenager Anthony Cannistraci of Bald Eagle Avenue. He along with 18 other free style bike enthusiasts attended the meeting. Many of them parked their bikes outside the municipal building on Logan Avenue.
Cannistraci wanted to know if the borough was going to pursue the possibility of a bike and skateboard park.
Last month, mayor Kilmartin asked council for input about the possibility of using the hockey rink at Reservoir Park for basketball, skateboarding and bike jumps. Most of the council agreed the rink was underused. The borough decided to look into the possibility of portable equipment that could be removed for hockey. Kilmartin told council he had been told skateboarding would not increase the borough’s insurance premium.
Kilmartin also advised council he had been in contact with several people regarding Shea Field. The field at the end of Bald Eagle Avenue was reported as being under utilized and in bad shape. Council was advised the borough had found a local contractor willing to level the field free of charge.
Last month, the mayor said he had met with John Ferner of American Eagle Paper Mill regarding the field, which is owned by the mill. The mayor said the mill would be willing to donate some funding towards improvements at the field.
In response to Cannistraci’s question about a bike park, Kilmartin told him and the others “we are specifically looking at Shea Field.”
Last night, Kilmartin advised council Shea Field was deemed a more suitable location for a bike and skateboard park versus the idea of using the hockey rink. Council was told the field’s lease dates back to 1991. Kilmartin said a new lease (possibly five years) should be done as part of the effort to improve the field. Those improvements would include the leveling of the field, cleaning and re-seeding. Borough Manager Sharon Dannaway agreed to look into insurance issues regarding skateboards, free style bikes and related equipment.
Mayor Kilmartin suggested the project would be community-sponsored. He said the kids were willing to do fundraising. The borough will also look into grant money for the project. No time frame was given regarding when the project might be completed.
Cannistraci told The Daily Herald he and the other bikers are tired of getting fined for riding bikes where it is prohibited by the borough.