Local Gallery exhibit honors Andy Moore

Last month the art world lost one of its most renowned and admired artists. Andrew “Andy” Moore has been an influence on the people of the region for decades. As an art instructor in the Altoona School District and at Grier School, Andy inspired countless numbers of young people to experience the joy in painting. As a prolific creator of images, Andy shared his love of nature and its wonders with admirers from all over the world.
Andy’s talent is legendary, because Andy’s talent is unique. As an artist, and as a man, Andy added beauty to this world. For that reason the Tyrone Regional Arts Council had named Andy as its only “Living Treasure”, and continue to consider his special gifts as a gift to everyone.
“It only seemed appropriate that we honor Andy by continuing to share his remarkable creations with you, his admirers,” commented Arts Council President Steven Stoner.
The current exhibit in the Gallery, located in the Tyrone-Snyder Public Library, includes a variety of subjects painted over the course of Andy’s life. In 1942 Mr. Moore was stationed in the Mojave Desert as a member of the armed service. His commanding officer recognized this young soldier’s special talent and encouraged him to continue painting. The result was a series of watercolors depicting army life as well as the desert landscape, several of which are on display.
Having made 22 trips abroad, the sketchbook became a permanent record of those adventures. In the mid-1960s Mr. Moore visited the Holy Land with sketchbook in hand.
“I used to travel with a camera and took a lot of pictures. After I got home and looked at the pictures I realized how little detail I saw at the time. You just take a picture and quickly move on to the next shot. For this trip I decided not to take a camera, only a sketchbook. When you sit and sketch you really see the image. That is why I can remember, 40 years later, what I saw so vividly. It all comes back so clearly.”
Several of the completed watercolors from this period are in the exhibit.
Andy’s versatility is shown in his sketches and models for scenery created for productions by the Tyrone Community Players. In addition, a variety of architectural paintings and floral arrangements complete the exhibit.
The current exhibit will run through July 24 and is available for viewing during normal library hours. The Gallery is made possible by a grant from the PA Council on the Arts, a state agency, the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, and Tyrone Borough and is a collaborative effort between the Tyrone Arts Council and the Tyrone-Snyder Public Library.
For additional information on the exhibit, contact the library at 684-1133.