Celebrating His Life Ministries to appear at Community Worship Center

Al and Sherry Thomas of Celebrating His Life Ministries will be ministering at Community Worship Center, 1300 Bald Eagle Ave., Tyrone on Sunday, June 25 at the 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. services.
Al experienced a supernatural encounter with Jesus on Christmas day 1971. Al had never read the Bible or had the privilege of being witnessed to. His testimony can be found in his book, \”I Saw the Lord\”. It’s an amazing story of the Lord Jesus calling a young man into service by paying him a visit, to be released soon.
Al and Sherry Thomas travel extensively in America and Southeast Asia. Al and Sherry have a prophetic and healing anointing and have seen many miracles. They founded Celebrating His Life Ministries in 1997 and are gifted teachers of the Word. Prior to that date they served at Mount Hope Prison Ministry for three years. Al has pastored in Wisconsin and California and was associated with evangelist Jim Spillman, a great man of God who was known for miracles happening in his meetings.
Al has walked in the healing anointing since 1997. They have seen blind eyes healed, deaf ears opened and many other healings. They minister gently and practically, with no fan fare or dramatics. They currently minister in approximately 60 churches a year.
Pastor Lynn Shaffer invites everyone to come out expecting miraculous things to happen through the Thomas’ willingness to be used by God.
For more information call 684-3547.