CPHS Pet Calendar Contest sets fundraising record

The 2007 “Picture Perfect Pet” calendar contest to benefit the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society has set a new fundraising record by collecting just under $20,000 from participants in this year’s contest.
The contest drew fewer contestants this year (80) according to CPHS, and had 62 actually turning in collections ….but the total exceeded last year’s contest by more than $3,000.
For the second year running, the contests “top dog” was Pugsley, a Shitz Tzu owned by Tracey Zerby and Kevin Kunsman of Hollidaysburg. Last year, Pugsley captured first place honors by collecting a little over $1,300. This year Tracy and Kevin turned in $3,578 to easily outdistance all other entries for another first place win.
“We greatly appreciate all those who took part in the campaign and they can be proud that their work has helped set another fundraiser record for CPHS,” said Dave Hopkins, CPHS Director of Fundraising/Public Relations. “Our final collections total was just over $19,500 and after selling the calendars, it has already become our single biggest fundraiser.”
Hopkins says the calendars will be available sometime in September and there’s no need to “reserve” them. The full-color, glossy calendars will be available at many local retailers as well as the shelter office and thrift shop.
“We want to thank all who took part….especially our excellent photographers, and the folks who worked so hard to collect all those ‘votes’ (donations) on behalf of their pets,” Hopkins added.
The following is a list of the top 13 finishers. Each will represent a month on the calendar (including January 2008):
• Tracey Zerby and Kevin Kunsman, Pugsley (dog), photographed by Ambience, raising $3,578;
• Harry and Ann Dillon, Emmilou (dog), photographed by Ambience, raising $1,341.50;
• Kelly Adamczyk and Kim Steele, Banshee (cat), photographed by Ambience, raising $1,200;
• Patty Brandt, Spike (dog), photographed by Moments, raising $1,120.83;
• Patrick Wilkinson, Merlin (dog), photographed by Moments, raising $937.55;
• Valley View Home, Sadie (cat), photographed by Ray Kauffman, raising $815;
• Cheryl DeFrancisco, Roo(cat), photographed by Ray Kauffman, raising $800;
• Holly Buchanan, Silver (horse), photographed by Ambience, raising $725.86;
• Deborah Figurelli, Bambi/Nikki (dogs), photographed by Ambience, raising $701;
• Tammy Ingham, Tucker (dog), Simba (cat), Chance (dog), photographed by Moments, raising $603;
• Cathy Caracciolo, Angel (dog), (self submitted), raising $575;
• Frank and Cindy Yablinsky, Molly (cat), photographed by Ambience, raising $545 and
• Zelda Dick, Luna (dog), photographed by Wolfe, raising $537.
The complete results (including those listed on the “Honorable Mention” pages) can be viewed on the CPHS website at: on the “News” page.