Bench warrant issued for Tyrone area man charged in simple assault case

Magisterial District Judge Fred Miller issued a bench warrant last week for a 26-year-old man charged in an April simple assault case in Tyrone.
The judge issued the warrant for James Harrison Ansman, RD 3, Box T42, Tyrone, after a preliminary hearing was held on May 23. Ansman was not present for his hearing and the charges against him were held for Blair County Court of Common Pleas.
Ansman was accused of simple assault, harassment and disorderly conduct after an incident on Blair Avenue on April 1. A police criminal complaint from the Tyrone Police Department alleged Ansman got into an altercation with a man at the victim’s residence on Blair Avenue.
According to the complaint, Ansman was walking on the street in front of the victim’s residence. The victim made a comment to Ansman about taking it inside. The victim told police that Ansman was staggering in the street.
At that point, Ansman is alleged to have come over to the victim’s porch and got into a verbal altercation with him. The criminal complaint said Ansman went up on the porch and grabbed the victim by the throat. Ansman is alleged to have pulled the man off the porch and onto the sidewalk.
The victim said he lost his balance coming off the porch and landed on his back. The victim said Ansman began hitting him. At some point, the man yelled to his son, who was on the porch to have the police called.
Police said a neighbor came out to see what was happening and observed Ansman and another man with him. Both men took off running. Investigating officer Greg Ray said it was reported to him that the man with Ansman had no physical contact with the victim.
The victim was later taken to Tyrone Hospital for treatment. He had numerous contusions to his arms, legs and head. It was also reported he had a broken or loose tooth.
Tyrone Police Chief Joseph Beachem told The Daily Herald that Ansman was not in custody as of yesterday afternoon. The Herald had not been informed of any change in Ansman’s status as of this morning.