Tyrone majorettes take first at Wildwood

The Tyrone majorettes have just completed a fantastic indoor competition season and are to be congratulated for their accomplishments.
Because of the diverse ages of the girls, having two seniors, one junior, eight seventh graders and one sixth grader, they achieved beyond their expectations. Having chosen “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas, the staff set to work planning for these young ladies. With choreography by Larry Johnson and a beautiful drill written by Kevin Isenberg, the instructors, Melissa Watters, Amy Miller, Nicole Cartwright and Carol Riley wrote and taught equipment work to correlate with the music itself. Because of the age spread, seniors Kristen and Amanda and junior Ashley, really worked hard in making sure every practice was full of stretches, warm-ups, more warm-ups with ballet techniques, dance moves and baton basics. Competing in Tournament Indoor Association for the first time in eight years, the majorettes began their season competing in the Scholastic Novice division. It wasn’t long until the judges decided to move the group to the next, higher level of Scholastic A majorettes.
It is in this class the girls completed their rewarding season. On April 29, the squad out-pointed Glendale and Claysburg to win the Scholastic A Chapter XI Championship.
Then it was on to Wildwood, N.J. the next weekend to participate in the TIA All Chapter Championships. On Friday evening, May 5, the girls competed in the Scholastic A semifinals and needed to place in the top four of seven units competing, in order to participate in their finals on Saturday, May 6, in the huge convention center in Wildwood. The semifinals were held in the Middletownship H.S. gymnasium, 15 minutes from Wildwood. After their average performance, the majorettes were anxious to hear the scores. Glendale was fourth, Saltsburg third and Tyrone was tied with Brandywine Heights for first place.
Needless to say, the majorettes were more than pleased that they could present their program in the finals. Luckily the staff had taken them to see the convention center on Friday morning, just in case they could get through the semifinals and not be too intimidated by the size of the building.
Saturday evening when it was time to perform, the staff did not see the jitters or tears as the previous evening.
With encouragement from all the staff and Missy, listening on her cell phone from Tyrone, the girls did an awesome performance and it was their best all year. At the awards ceremony, Saltsburg placed fourth, Glendale third, Brandywine Heights second and Tyrone with a final score of 89.9 was the champion.
The seniors were presented with the banner, never received by a Tyrone majorette group before and a rotating plaque to be engraved and returned next year. This was the first time in 17 years the majorettes won a championship at Wildwood.
Each of the girls were also presented with a TIA 2006 championship medal and they then stood in line with all the other champions recognized as all the other participants passed by shaking their hands and congratulating them on their placement. When the girls and staff arrived home Sunday evening they were met at the school by three fire trucks and many ecstatic friends and family and escorted by the police car, traveled through Tyrone in pickup trucks, celebrating their victory as other Tyrone teams often do.
Returning to the school, the girls, still in the pickups and family members drove to the Mengel Development on Hoover’s Lane to share their joy and excitement and especially to thank Barb Anderson for their mascot, “Dusty”, an orange monkey who traveled faithfully to every competition and sat front and center on the tarp at every competition.
All season he was in the care of some of the floor crew, Nichole Cox, Christina Shuey and Cara Goss.
Barb became a good friend to the majorettes sending them cards of encouragement throughout the season and being the computer liaison for Mrs. A., keeping them up to date with TIA news, calendars and weekly scores.
At the band banquet on May 11, the seniors presented band director, Aaron Patterson, with the championship banner and plaque.
Also at the dinner, a school board representative honored each of the majorettes with a framed certificate congratulating them on their achievements this year.
Brian Bressler, School Board Activities Director, presented the girls with their certificates on behalf of the school board and the administration.
After the dinner the majorettes presented their show for the final time this season for many family members and band participants. Some of the girls also twirled their solo show routines they’ve been working on this year.
The majorettes are very excited already for next indoor season as they are planning on returning to Wildwood as the defending champions.
Sandy and Chris Shuey and Dave Wian made the season a different success. They transported the tarp to all of the competitions and assisted the girls in making sure it was on the floor for each performance. Once the show concluded, they made sure the girls rolled the tarp correctly, placed it on the cart and wheeled it into the truck, ready to be stored at school and used for each of the three practices the following week.
They also found and transported a scooter to Wildwood for Mrs. A. to use in the convention center and especially on the boardwalk so she could have fun and enjoy the girls and sights along with the others.
The majorettes are self supporting and through the majorettes booster organization, whose officers include President Dee Skeleton, Secretary and Fundraising Chairperson, Kim Cox, Treasurer Mort Snider and Majorette Advisors Merle Ammerman and the faithful parents, earned the monies needed for the indoor season and the Wildwood trip.
Through donations received from Dr. Thomas Mextorf and staff, Dr. John Walters Tyrone Veterinarian, Scott and Juanita Illig of Family Chill and Grill, Dr. Henry McKinney, Dembert and Tom Hoyne Accountants, Jeano’s Pizzeria, Cowfer’s Custom Designs, Marianna’s, Kelly Wike of State Farm and Kopp Drugs of Tyrone, the girls and parents were able to ride on a shuttle bus, safely and together on their trip to and from the championships.