Tipton Neighborhood Watch group to meet tomorrow

Each month, several area neighborhood watch groups meet throughout the county to discuss concerns about safety, crime and drug activity within their own communities.
In the Tipton area a neighborhood watch group has formed thanks to concerned citizens.
On Thursday, May 18 this group will meet at the Tipton Baptist Annex Building on Sassafras Street in Tipton from 7 to 8 p.m.
The featured speaker will be Officer Rick Johnson from the Altoona Police Department. He will talk about protecting kids online.
Neighborhood Watch is a growing program with Blair Senior Services. The program was initiated with money from a Homeland Security Grant.
The purpose of the grant is to establish neighborhood watch groups throughout the county, identify volunteers to assist with emergency management and to provide educational opportunities to the people of the county.
In a Neighborhood Watch, volunteers and members of the neighborhood meet at a designated place once a month to talk about concerns they are having with the neighborhood. Guest speakers talk about issues like how to stay secure during the summer months with the windows of the house open, self defense and basic safety awareness. Members of law enforcement are also present at the meetings to provide information to the members of the community.
So far, over 20 Neighborhood Watches have been established throughout the county, including Tipton and Tyrone.
A Neighborhood Watch is established in a neighborhood when a citizen has a concern or interest in the program and approaches Blair Senior Services with the idea.
The role of the volunteers in the Neighborhood Watch Program is simple. Volunteers are asked to become more aware of their neighborhood and to report any suspicious behavior. There is an anonymous reporting system for those who might not want to report something otherwise. The purpose is through this sense of awareness, the Neighborhood Watch Program should bring a sense of community to the neighborhood. Volunteers are never asked to put themselves in a dangerous situation, just to keep their eyes and ears open and provide important information to law enforcement officers.
The Tyrone area Neighborhood Watch group is also working to get more involvement in the program, which has been in Tyrone for two years now.
According to Assistant Director of National Senior Service Corps Programs for Blair Senior Services, Inc., Maureen Adams, these meetings provide “an opportunity for citizens to ask questions and learn what is really going on in their community.”
Additional information can be obtained by calling Adams at 946-1235.