Seniors dedicate yearbook to speech coach

At a school-wide assembly in Tyrone High’s gymnasium last Wednesday afternoon, May 17, the 160 members of the class of 2006 dedicated their yearbook to ninth grade English teacher and Tyrone Speech Coach, Richard Merryman.
On behalf of the yearbook staff, directed by school nurse Julie Patton, speech team seniors Todd Boytim, Sean Dickson and Aaron Houck read this tribute to Merryman:
“This year, the Tyrone yearbook is dedicated to one truly extraordinary person. This person has been teaching for 32 years here at Tyrone High School and is a Tyrone graduate of the year 1970. He graduated from Penn State University in 1973. He has taught countless numbers of students the glory and majestic beauty of the English language. But this man’s talents are not only limited to teaching. This man is also an accomplished organist at Tyrone Presbyterian Church. His truly amazing organ playing skills have been displayed at countless neighborhood events over the years and have been an inspiration to many people.
“In May of 2002, this gentleman was presented with the WTRN Outstanding Citizen Award due to both his excellent teaching and organist skills. Although one advantage of the career of teaching is being able to partake in summer break, this man barely slows down. When he is not mowing his seemingly perfectly groomed lawn or other household chores, he is out working hard on the family farm. This man has a phenomenal work ethic and is still going strong at the young age of 54-years-old.
“This English teacher has taught many outstanding people including fellow staff members here at TAHS. My fellow peers and I look up to this man and consider him a mentor, role model, and most of all, a friend. Today we spell redemption R-L-M. Let’s hear it for an intelligent English teacher, a talented organist, a dedicated worker, and a great man, Mr. Richard Lee Merryman.”