Keystone Headache and Pain Management Center at Tyrone Hospital announces special event

The Keystone Headache and Pain Management Center at Tyrone Hospital invites the public to attend a free informational event on chronic pain in recognition of National Headache Awareness Week June 4-10.
John Johnson, M.D., board certified anesthesiologist and Medical Director of the Keystone Headache and Pain Management Center said many people cannot participate fully in normal daily activities because of pain.
“We want people to have an opportunity to learn that there is help. Many people think medication is the only relief for chronic pain, but there are other treatment options.”
The Keystone Headache and Pain Management Center provides treatment for those who suffer from various types of chronic pain, including headaches. The purpose of the center is to help chronic pain sufferers by alleviating and managing their pain to help them be as functional as possible given their overall state of health.
Dr. Johnson said treatment for back pain is rather common. However, people with pain from shingles, injuries from auto accidents, joint pain, work related pain syndrome, pain of the arm, leg, shoulder, or neck and others may also benefit from the types of treatment the pain management center offers.
Those who attend the special event will be able to meet and talk with the medical professionals at the Keystone Headache and Pain Management Center. In addition, information will be available on how chronic pain is diagnosed, the various treatment options available including invasive as well as non-invasive and non-narcotic treatments, the role of rehabilitation therapy in chronic pain management, adaptive equipment that can be helpful to chronic pain sufferers in performing activities of daily living, and how to access pain management professionals.
Event attendees can also take advantage of free postural screenings and chair massages. Organizations that will participate in the event include ProCare Rehabilitation, Pfizer, RS Medical, Alliance Imaging and Kimberly Clark.
The event will also include a ribbon cutting in cooperation with the Tyrone Area Chamber of Commerce and the Blair County Chamber of Commerce. Walter Van Dyke, CEO at Tyrone Hospital said he is pleased that representatives from both Chambers of Commerce will be present for the ribbon cutting.
“Over the past year our pain management center has experienced some growth, expanded its services, and it also recently adopted its name,” said Van Dyke.
“This event is an opportunity to officially introduce the center to the public and also recognize the contribution it is making to our community.”
The Chronic Pain event will be held in the main lobby at Tyrone Hospital on Thursday, June 8 from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Informational exhibits, the posture screenings and massages will be offered throughout the event. The ribbon cutting will be held at 5 p.m. with the business after hours from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.