Girl Scouts finish up busy year

Girl Scout Troop 1202 is finishing up a busy year.
The girls did a lot of community help this year. They visited the residents once a month at Colonial Courtyard, collected newspapers to recycle for money for a ball field damaged by a flood, helped at the animal shelter once a month, put health kits together for a local church for Katrina victims, raised money to help sister girl scouts recover from Hurricane Katrina, helped with a fundraiser for the church where they meet, and put a hand in on Clean-up day on April 22 for the town.
Also, most of the girls finished the requirements for the Bronze Award. These girls should be congratulated on their hard work and time. They are celebrating by going to Splash Lagoon for their end of the year trip. For some of the girls, this is their last year as being juniors. They will move on to be cadet girl scouts in the fall.