B-A community honors Julia Roseborough

In every community and small town, there is an individual who gives the extra effort, walks another mile for the people of that area. Over the last 41 years, Julia Roseborough has been giving to the Bellwood-Antis school district and community as a teacher, track and field, cross country and girls field hockey coach. The facts about the wins and losses are well-known. She has touched many lives in a positive manner that has gone far beyond just imparting knowledge or strengths in the classroom and on the playing fields. Roseborough has become an integral part of the community, and in imparting her resources and her strengths and love of life and competition to so many others, she has become legend herself.
When girls field hockey was played in the fall, Bellwood-Antis teams coached by Roseborough, were the scourge of the area. Although Bellwood-Antis no longer fields a field hockey team, Coach Roseborough have won well over 100 more matches than her teams have lost. Cross county is run now in the fall. Roseborough and the boys team has won two straight MAC division titles and the girls won in 2004 and return nearly everybody from their girls team for another run at the top this fall.
Late last season at Bellwood Memorial Stadium, the Lady Blue Devils gave Miss Roseborough her 300th career track and field victory, appropriately against backyard rival Tyrone. With the 2006 dual meet season completed, Roseborough has compiled a 311-59-2 record overall in Track.
Julia Roseborough is proud of the wins and the winning, but prouder still of the young men and women that have gone from Bellwood-Antis and played the game of life and played it well, in no small part thanks to our “Miss R”.
“There just aren’t too many people who can be so influential over four decades,” said Diane Williams, Bellwood-Antis principal. “You can see these kids and how they love her.”
“There are so many things you could say about the contributions this woman has given to the Bellwood-Antis school district and community. There aren’t that many people who give a lifetime of dedication and commitment, We are fortunate to still have her in our athletic program where she continues to influence our children. People just don’t honor anyone with the naming of facilities, this shows the love and respect she has in the community. This was not just one group, but the senior class, school district, Bellwood-Antis Foundation and the entire community went together to acknowledge Julie Roseborough and what she means to Bellwood-Antis.”
At the conclusion of the Bellwood-Antis Invitational on Monday evening, the 2006 Bellwood-Antis senior class dedicated the track to Julia Roseborough, naming it in her honor.
Fellow track and field coach Nick Lovrich, who was a former student of Miss Roseborough and who now coaches the B-A boys, has seen her both as a student and a colleague remarked about the way everyone gets treated by Roseborough. “Her biggest attribute is that she cares about everyone, not just the best athletes, but the kids who never score a point or never get into a meet, as well as non-athletes she sees in the hall. She is respected not only by those of us in the Bellwood-Antis family, but by area coaches as well, who recognize her expertise and ability,” said Lovrich. She has been such a big part of the B-A athletic program and has touched so many lives. The kids have a soft spot in their heart for Miss R.”
Liam Flynn and Ashley Mueller, two of the 2007 senior class at Bellwood-Antis both members of this year’s track squad came up with the original idea and Miss Williams made sure the duo was serious about the idea, which became a senior class project.
After all the giving Miss R has done, all the love she has shown, her beloved students have given back.
The long-time teacher, who retired from the classroom two years ago, and continues on as track and cross country coach, was completely surprised and visibly touched by the presentation. Members of her family and other friends and loved ones were in attendance. “I was hurrying around, trying to get some last-minute stuff finished up,” explained Roseborough.
There will be a plaque outside Bellwood Memorial Stadium, with a photo of Julia Roseborough and inscribed with a quote from William Arthur Ward “The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the great teacher inspires.” Roseborough was also presented with a portrait of the track, superimposed with the photo of a track athlete.
“To me, this was very humbling,” Roseborough said on the field after the presentation was made and afterward at a reception in the B-A Senior High cafeteria that continued the celebration later into the evening. “I am very honored. I have been blessed to work in the Bellwood-Antis school district. I feel that I have been very lucky to be here. The kids, administration and the entire community have been just wonderful. Life has a direction to it and it’s not always under our control. Whatever it was that led me here, it has always been a good thing.”
Julia Roseborough inspires.